New contract – Suzano

In September the group signed a contract in more Semil area of forest operations with Group Suzano, one of the largest and most promising companies in Brazil in the area of pulp. The contract includes the provision of wood loading service in Maranhão and Pará farms that supply the Suzano pulp factory in Empress of Maranhão. The wood logs are used directly in the production of chips that will be used as inputs in the production of cellulose and energy generation. The closing of this agreement creates an important milestone for the growth of activities of forestry operations Semil group and for the opening of a market that's in great growth, requiring thus establish partnerships with qualified companies to ensure the maximization of production with reliability and security. "The Group Semil is highly motivated to promote a safe and efficient operation, model, which provides the establishment of a lasting and sustainable relationship between the companies," Jose Pericles Freire, Semil group commercial Manager.