New contract – Suzano

In September the group signed a contract in more Semil area of forest operations with Group Suzano, one of the largest and most promising companies in Brazil in the area of pulp. The contract includes the provision of wood loading service in Maranhão and Pará farms that supply the Suzano pulp factory in Empress of Maranhão. The wood logs are used directly in the production of chips that will be used as inputs in the production of cellulose and energy generation. The closing of this agreement creates an important milestone for the growth of activities of forestry operations Semil group and for the opening of a market that's in great growth, requiring thus establish partnerships with qualified companies to ensure the maximization of production with reliability and security. "The Group Semil is highly motivated to promote a safe and efficient operation, model, which provides the establishment of a lasting and sustainable relationship between the companies," Jose Pericles Freire, Semil group commercial Manager.

New Semil Group Contract – Vale Carajás

In February 2014, the Semil Group signed another contract with Vale, at the Carajás plant, in the state of Pará. This time the contract is related to shoulder maintenance at plants I and II. It is for standard maintenance, track replacement (cr 175 and tr 68), and wood and concrete sleeper replacement, cleaning rolling paths and belts.

New Semil Group Contract – Vale Ourilândia do Norte

In March 2014, the Semil Group signed a new contract in Ourilândia do Norte, in the state of Pará. The contract is related to the lease of cargo lifting, transport, and handling equipment and to person lifting equipment and operation at the Onça Puma operating unit. Employees were hand-picked to start the activities, since these services are directly related to training people involved in the management and operation. The ore Vale produces in Ourilândia is nickel, of which Vale is the world’s second largest producer.

New Semil Group Contract – CSA Screening

In April 2014, the Semil Group signed a screening contract with TKCSA (Thyssenkrupp Companhia Siderúrgica do Atlântico). The contract is in Rio de Janeiro, and monthly production is expected to reach 25,000 tonnes per shift. CSA processes ore removed in Minas Gerais by Vale, which is one of the partners of the project, along with the ThyssenKrupp Group, which is the controller. Production is focused on the export of plates to be rolled at Thyssenkrupp facilities in the US and Germany, which, in turn, sell the finished product to the automotive and home appliance industries.